Your ID
made easy

EasyID gives you a convenient way to prove who you are – in branch, online or in person.

Prove and protect your identity with Post Office EasyID

The Post Office EasyID app gives you a safe, convenient way to prove your age and identity. The EasyID app is now an accepted form of ID at Post Office branches, 18,000 convenience stores and selected stores across the UK.

It takes minutes to set up your account and once verified, you have a reusable digital ID that securely protects your details. When you need to prove your age or identity, simply tap your EasyID card to share only the details you really need to.

Use the free EasyID app to...

Pick up mail and buy lottery tickets

at your local Post Office

Buy age-restricted goods

at 18,000 convenience stores

Prove your age and identity

online with participating businesses

How it works

Your EasyID card allows you to show minimal details about yourself to prove your identity or age in person. Simply tap the card and select one of the below options.

Smartphone with Easy ID full verified name sharing card

Full name

Show your full name to:

  • Collect a parcel (from your local Post Office and selected delivery companies)
  • Prove identity with the least amount of personal data.
Smartphone with Easy ID full verified name and "age over" sharing card

Full name and age

Show your full name and date of birth to:

  • Purchase lottery and age-restricted goods (excluding alcohol) from your local Post Office and selected convenience stores.
Smartphone showing easy ID "age over 18" attribute

‘Age over’

Show your ‘age over’ screen to:

  • Purchase age-restricted goods (excluding alcohol)
  • Access an age-restricted location
  • Prove age with the least amount of personal data.
Smartphone with Easy ID full verified Date of birth sharing card

Date of birth

Show your date of birth to:

  • Purchase age-restricted goods (excluding alcohol)
  • Access an age-restricted location.

Protecting you and your personal details

Only accessible by you

Any details you add to your digital ID are encrypted into unreadable data, split up and stored separately. Only you have the key to unlock your encrypted details, which is stored safely in your phone.

Share less data

Your EasyID card gives you a way to show only the necessary details, so when you verify your identity or age, you can feel safe sharing less data. It’s a new way to show ID that doesn’t reveal everything about you.

Built with privacy at the core

Our systems are built in a way that means we cannot mine or sell your data to third parties. Once we’ve completed our security checks, we can’t access any of your personal details. We can’t send your details to a business or individual until you choose to send them.

Create your EasyID in
3 easy steps

Download the free Post Office EasyID app and create an account in three easy steps:


1. Add a phone number and create a 5 digit PIN to secure your account.


2. Use your phone camera to take a scan of your face so we can verify you and protect your account.


3. Scan a government-issued ID document to automatically add personal details to your digital ID.

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With EasyID…

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    You’re always in control – you choose which data to share, with who and when.

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    Verify once, unlimited use – after EasyID has verified your identity, you’re verified forever and can share your identity with whoever you want to, whenever you want to.

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    Protects against identity fraud – any details you add are encrypted and can only be accessed by you.

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    Everything’s safe in one place – securely store your ID details to use online and in person.

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    The highest security standards – to keep your information safe, we scramble it with high-level, 256-bit encryption, and then store it in such a way that, in the unlikely event of a system breach, no one would be able to identify you as an individual.

The future of simple, convenient identity services

Our partnership with digital identity experts Yoti provides a world-leading suite of online and in-person identity verification solutions.

The partnership combines our long-established experience in UK identity services and our extensive branch network with Yoti’s robust verification technology. 

Together, our mission is to provide you with a convenient and safe way of proving your identity – online or at your local Post Office.

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